Whale Call Songs

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Whales are often described as "chronic composers," producing songs that are strikingly similar to human musical traditions, so Whale Call Founder Gil De Palma thought of creating a fusion of whale sounds and human music to convey an urgent message…Save Marine Life.

Listen to our whale songs below and download your MP3 copy for FREE to support our advocacy. With every free song you get, you help Whale Call raise funds for the development and operation of the world's first marine conservation application, the Global Ocean App (OApp).

Music Producer/Artist: Gil De Palma

Featured Artists: The Whales, Admiral Bob, Alex Beroza, Chyoma Walrond, D'Layna, Dwayzo, Edge7, J. Lang, Katie Bregman, MINOR2GO, Nightingale, R01d, Snowflake, Basematic, Sterrix, and Six The North Star.